PIPER our Yorkie at six months, 3 1/2 lbs. who has completely won my heart. Full of energy and Sassy!! She has a set of lungs and Pipes on her ... and Piper cause she's Hyper!
She is a little "Pip-squeak"!

Click picture to contact us

Chanel ~
A darling Maltese model sitting on her Faberge' Egg chaise lounge throne! Her mommy lives in Michigan.

with Armani .. our model

Our 4 lb Pocket Yorkie GIDGET ..
will always be in our hearts and remembered with love


We specialize in items for the Elegant Pooch!
You can contact us at donnatrex@yahoo.com or


You and your pet will fall in love with our exclusive line of
heavenly perfume fragrances created by my husband.
Both Joe and myself design jewelry, and would be happy to adorn your
"best friend" with unique necklaces too.
I also design decorative and adorable hairbows for your "furry friend".

My heart is to share with you things I think you will
find interesting in regard to pets.
I raised Toy Poodles and had them shown for many years. I know how difficult it is when you are just starting out with a new pet.. so many questions!!!

Our Yorkie Diva, Tiffany is a fashionista who even has her own Amoire Wardrobe.
Please be sure to read about it in this blog.
You can also read the first chapter of my book in progress, called
"The Peanut Gallery"...
the adventures of Peanut, a darling toy poodle we had years ago when I was showing dogs.

I pray you will find this to be a fun and informative place.

Pawfully Yours,

Joe, Donsie and Tiffy


Tiffany's little "Chanel" dress

Tiffany's  little "Chanel" dress
Haute Doggie

Thursday, June 16, 2011




This is a little book I wrote many years ago when we were raising and showing poodles.   I wrote it as a children's book... I hope you enjoy it.. !!

Peanut's first letter written to Uncle Tom and Aunt Jackie ... Tales from the PEANUT GALLERY.

Hi!  My name is PEANUT and I am a 11 month old toy poodle.   I live with my Daddy and Mommy who think I am the best.. I want to share some of my adventures with you. My first one is about my first big trip to Florida while Daddy and Mommy and "Gigi" (Grandma) were on a cruise together.  hope you like the stories of my adventures.  More are yet to come.  I love all my fans, and I am looking forward to telling you about my other adventures ...

This is my first Chapter in my book called "Adventures from the Peanut Gallery.  It is written to my Aunt and Uncle to tell them some things about myself, as I will be on vacation with them while Daddy and Mommy are away.

My Flintstone's Suitcases

 Faux Fur Snuggly Trevel Bed

Circus Hoodie is so much
Fun ..it has an elephant on it too!

Preppy Hoodie

 Monkeydaze jumpsuit

My Blue collar has an airplane on it

This is me at almost 11 months

 Dear Grandma Boyce (GiGi):

Cruise time for Dad, Mom & GiGi

When Daddy and Mommy told me I would be going to Florida, I got excited because I will have a chance to see you again, They told me they are going on a BIG ship with you, and that I will have a great time when they’re away.  Bye, bye Daddy and Mommy, I will miss you.  I will see you, but I am staying with Uncle Tommy and Aunt Jackie.  I will have playmates there 'cause they have dogs too!  I hope they like me. I am all packed and ready.  I have my snuggly travel bed in my suitcase, and my clothes and toys too!

Bye Bye Daddy and Mommy and GiGi
Here are some things I like and don’t like:

I love… milk, but can’t drink too much or it gives me an upset tummy. I love, my liver treats and my “sticks” (rawhide chew sticks). I usually don’t drink out of my own dish; I prefer Dad and Mom’s because they have ICE in their drinks. I drink lots of, water, and iced tea. I love coffee with half-and-half and sugar (not too hot, though!) .. but am only allowed one teaspoon.
 Bunny PJ's from Poshpuppies
 Zebra Fleur De Lis Hoodie

Many dogs get sick on coffee, but not me. 
I love it so, but I only drink it out of
Daddy and Mommy's cup, but only one teaspoon!

All my toys have names and I have a few favorites  ...”Pink Lady”, “Oh, No!”, and “Octi” to name a few. I chew on everything.
ball toys
"Octi" Octopus toy

My Pink Lady toy

My schedule is like this: I get up about 7 am and Mom or Dad take me out of my crate and put on my collar and retractable lead… I then go outside... (going out is fun for me!).. I try hard to tinkle and go poop at that time.  Mom and Dad ALWAYS give me a treat after I go… I either get a liver treat (my favorite) or a small piece of cheese or an IAMS biscuit, or a Pepperidge Farms cheese fish cracker, or a People cracker. 

I don’t go on the grass, because a big bad red ant bit me and I was itching and sore for days.  Too many fleas in the grass, and I have never had a flea... anyway, so I go on the pavement, and then Daddy cleans up after me.  I will run away and go far in a second, I am learning to come .. so, please don’t let me out EVER without a leash.  If I do run.. call my name.. say “TREAT” and have a liver treat in your hand  ... I’ll come!

I am very independent. Many times if I am home and Mom or Dad call me, I won’t come if I know they are going to give me a bath or something I don’t want to do. You could say I am SPOILED and stubborn at times, when it comes to taking a bath...but I’m learning to do better… Daddy and Mommy think I am the sweetest thing, and they call me their "little Peanut Butter"..  hahaha

After I go outside, Mommy puts down my water and food and I sometimes eat then, or later in the day. (I don’t like warm water, so Dad and Mom put ice cubes in my water dish) I always have papers down in the laundry room and Mom changes it three times a day when I use it.  I can now go up and downstairs! I’m a BIG BOY now! I also do neat tricks Daddy taught me to entertain Mommy!!  

However, I can not jump up on furniture yet. My legs are very delicate and can break very easily, so please be careful when you pick me up. Also, I squirm right out of your arms if I’m excited and Dad and Mom have had a hard time holding me. I can jump right out of your arms and get hurt.  When Dad and Mom are in the bathroom, I try to eat the toilet paper, and I love to have them pick me up and hold me... they are cuddlers!
Playing with Daddy is so much fun
I love my back scratched and behind my ears.  I even roll over for you to rub my tummy.  I have the nastiest mean look and growl, and WILL growl if you comb my fur when it has mats in it. But, I feel so much better when I am all combed out.  I need to be combed every day so I always look my best.  I’ve NEVER been hit.

My best friend "Turtle" he lets me sleep on him

I sleep on my “Turtle” stuffed pillow most of the morning andplay with my basket of toys. Mom lets me out about mid-morning again and a few times in the afternoon, and several times at night. About twice a day , when I have some energy, or after my nap, I run all over the house and Dad and Mom think I’m a hoot. I make them laugh.  I sleep a lot during the day…. Sleep, go, eat and play all day!  I am extremely sensitive and I scream if the slightest thing hurts me.  I am also very afraid of other animals, but I try to act very brave.

I am brave even though other dogs scare me

When Daddy comes home I get all happy and jump and jump for him to pick me up. I am still teething and I love to chew on his fingers and sometimes he lets me, but it hurts Mom too much and she says “NO Peanut, STOP”.  If you pick me up and you don’t say, “Shhh, Nite, nite,… I will nip and lick and kiss and drive you crazy, but after a while, I get so tired I can't keep my eyes opened and I fall right to sleep snuggling with Daddy or Mommy!

I love going in the car. I have a doggie seat belt you can use to keep me safe.  I have a hard time going to the bathroom away from home. I hold it until I can’t hold it any longer.  Maybe you can teach me how to do it. Dad and Mom take me on my leash a lot when we’re out for the day.. but I don’t get the idea yet.  I’m real little and I can’t stay in a hot car, even for a few minutes… Daddy and Mommy put me in my carrier and take me everywhere they go.  By the way, I love people… Those who come to the house or those I see when I’m out. I think EVERYONE is there to see me and love me and pet me.   

I can dance like a ballerina

I get up on my hind feet and dance just like a ballerina and show off... they just have to tell Dad and Mom how precious and darling I am, and they pet me and want to pick me up, but my parents are very particular and cautious about who they let hold me, if they feel I will get hurt.. Were they like that with the kids?! Dad and Mom even take me to restaurants in my pet carrier. They just keep a very low profile and sit in a booth.  When we’re seated, they pet, comfort, and feed me tidbits in my carrier. I go to fairs and shopping and everywhere in my travel home.  They have so many blankets for me.. I think my Mommy has a secret passion for pretty and soft ones... I have so many.  They just want me to feel so comfortable and happy.

My Travel home Alex by Kwiggybo
Dad and Mom sit and talk, and Daddy takes his shower, I love to lick him when he’s all wet, and he doesn’t seem to mind. I don't like my bath, but I do like it when I am all wet and Daddy rubs my tummy with soap while I float on my bath tube!  I also love to take his socks and under wear and run all over the house with them.  Daddy says: “What are you doing with that, GIVE me that you little scamp”, and then he laughs. Then Dad and Mom have dinner, but don’t give me anything until they are all done, so I won’t learn to beg. I can come up with the cutest expressions to charm them into giving me something, but don’t let me con you!  Sometimes they will give me a little of their dinner, but not too big a bite, just a tidbit. 
I love when Daddy scrubs my tummy in my bath

Nighttime is my favorite.  I do most of my drinking at night in Daddy and Mommy’s glass of ice water or drink.  Dad and Mom get on the bed to watch TV or to read, and they bring me up with them and let me play with them and my “Nite time” basket of toys.  I love to play tug of war with my pull toys, but don’t pull too hard or it will pull out my teeth. I’m real little remember, I’m not a big boy like Citron who is Daddy and Mommy's son's dog, a lab who loves me.  They both think I am such a clown.  Sometimes at night Dad will give me a piece of cheese, or Mom will give me a few pistachio nuts etc. Daddy tells me: “Do you know that I am CRAZY about you Peanut”?!
I am such a clown they say!

Mommy says: “Where IS that baby boy of mine?” That’s my favorite time of day.  I’m the center of attention, and I show off to the hilt just for them. Mom then takes me out, rocks me to sleep, and sometimes sings to me, or I fall off to sleep in Daddy’s arms, then they put me in my bed (crate) for the night. They zip me in and close one side curtain on my crate. I sleep in there all night.  Sometimes if I’m not really tired, I cry just a little, and they say, “Peanut, go to sleep sweetie”.  I am a darling .. EVERYONE says so!

I can't wait to meet my cousins Angel and Buffy.  I hope they will like me and I will even share my chewsticks and bones and all my toys with them.  We can play outside together in the fenced yard and we can see who can bark the loudest!!  I have no really learned to bark yet.. maybe you can teach me!  Hahahaha...
Mommy will be sending you their itinerary (wow that's a big word for me, but it means schedule!) for their cruise... and some information you may need about me.  Thanks for watching me.  I hope I won’t be too much trouble for you.  I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

P.S. I get oodles of hugs and kisses and lovin's all day long! I pawsitively can't wait to see you! 

Licks and hugs,

The Peanut Gallery


Wednesday, June 15, 2011



Our Precious Gidget in her Palm Green and Pink Flamingo Top with her pink crocheted fishy barrette!  I think the top is sold out but, you can find the cute pink fish barrette:  
 just email us for info  donnatrex@yahoo.com

Here is our darling 4 lb Teacup Yorkie .. Her name is Gidget and she is 5 1/2 years old.  She is not only our darling baby, but our model for our exclusive designs:

PALM BEACH POOCH PERFUME for your favorite canine!
It is an upscale true perfume, for your furry Diva and my husband is the perfumer!


My designer husband Joe at Gaylord's Palm Resort

I normally don't include things we sell on my blogs, but our Pooch perfume fits in so well with my "Palm" theme, I felt it would be a super addition, and I couldn't resist. This fragrance smells so good you will be tempted to eat it .. but don't!!! 

We have just recently changed this listing to offer this scent in a one ounce bottle, as this is a much loved scent at our shows. The one ounce comes free of all the extra frills to keep your price down, such as bow and palm tree charm, (see picture below). We are top rated sellers on Artfire. The price is so reasonable for a fine one ounce perfume at $18.95 + only $5.00 shipping. Our product is pure perfume, not cologne.

The two ounce shown in the picture has a palm tree charm for your purse or a decoration for your pooches collar, at $27.99 + $5.00 shipping upon request.

We also design dressy dog necklaces with genuine fine pearls and beads etc.. We are jewelry designers and so we can create fashion jewelry for you and/or your pet. ... One of a kind decorative dog collars and adorable hair barrettes.


Palm Beach Pooch Perfume is simply elegant.
Presented by our pocket Yorkie, Gidget and made just
for the pooch who demands the essence in luxury!
Your pet will be lavished in opulence when wearing
this delightful and e
xquisite scent created by

Our perfume comes direct from the designer, enabling us
to present to you pure perfume!

The Puppy in the picture is only modeling the perfume
and does not come with your perfume! LOL! Sorry, but I do have the information near the bottom of this site where we purchased her!!
This totally feminine, Palm Beach fragrance is made for the most discriminating pet owner. It is just the thing to capture attention during that stroll down Worth Avenue, Clematis Street, City Place,Fl, or Canyon Drive in Palm Springs, Cal., with all the Designer stores, or those special places you love to take your “Little Princess”.  I love to cuddle my sweet baby on my lap especially when she is sprayed with this wonderful scent! You can be assured that anywhere your pet is wearing this fragrance with hints reminiscent of exotic floral lace and orchid, pineapple, tropical fruit and just a touch of citrus, heads will indeed turn!

Tropical Fruit


Floral Lace

Mixed Citrus

This is for a one ounce (1 ounce)bottle of pure perfume! (**Please note: the perfume shown in the picture, is a TWO ounce bottle which is available upon request for an added price.. the one for $18.95 + tax is the exact same perfume, but in a ONE ounce diamond shaped bottle without the charm and bow.  It is a $28.00 value for only $18.95!

This is a secret intoxicating blend created especially for the girly dogs… Only there is a slight problem… Puppys Beware! This fragrance is so delicious that your owners like to wear your special perfume too!

This special pooch perfume comes in a diamond shaped glass spray bottle. "Poochy" will love it and you will love so much the way your puppy smells and the remarks you will receive about her.

Our perfume is also available in a plastic container for you to fill your own bottle .. perhaps a gorgeous vintage atomizer as shown here?  I found this one online

at Judy's Attic it is $445.00.. yes, that is a high price, but it is really pretty isn't it?  By the way, I don't receive anything for sharing this all with you... I just know how hard it was for me to find unique things when I first started out and like to help others in their quest for upscale dog items.

Please contact us at our Artisan Artfire Store:


Our Sleepy Gidget in her designer Palm Beach Dress! I attached a darling palm tree decoration on the waist where the center of the bow is, that I think adds so much. It does not show in the picture, but you can purchase a palm tree button in a fabric store, or charm and add one yourself.  This dress is a Barking Baby, and you can purchase it at their site: at $62-$70 

Barking Baby online website:


Blessings, Joe and Donsie




I just love my Yorkie. She brings my husband and myself such joy and laughter. We were visiting my dear friend and her husband and they graciously put us in their mini “Princess Suite”. One day my friend came upstairs and I was sitting on the bed with my baby's suitcase turned upside down with myriads of clothes all over .. I was playing “doggie dressup” and having a ball .. my girlfriend JoAnn said “you look like you are playing with your dollies”!! I guess it is kind of like that. At my age (66) I guess we revert back to childhood… LOL!!

I had such a dilemma .. I had been storing my pooch’s items in my dresser drawers. How to organize all of my pocket toy Yorkie’s clothes and accessories in style? She has more clothing than I do! I only know that accumulating this many items for a little 4 pound bundle of love is for sure what happens when one gets older and has an empty nest syndrome!!!! LOL. I don’t do many things for myself these days, and so this is a wonderful fun pastime for me, and my husband and I love going to dog boutiques together. The solution to my overcrowded dresser drawers, was to purchase this exquisite Wardrobe a moire at an auction we often attend on Wednesday nights as our schedule permits.

This one was a steal at $100 solid oak in a soft butter yellow, with hand-painted etchings on the front and sides. The doors are hinged to fold all the way back, so it can also be used as an open ete’gare!! I love the lines on this furniture item and it fits nicely in our foyer area and is easily accessible. Now I can sit in my rolling chair while I decide what our “Little Diva” is going to wear for the day!!

My husband purchased four thick adjustable spring shower curtain rods (only a few dollars from Walmart) and placed them on three shelves one in front of the other for clothing. along with the mint green sectioned boxes with handle slots in the stationery area in Walmart also, to be used for bows so each color has it’s own area. I think they were $5.99. We placed her coats and sweaters on the top shelf along with her traveling outfits, and her dresses and such color coordinated on the next two shelves.

We then went to Homegoods for the adorable hat boxes and such for items like bathing suits, pajamas, short tops and hats. Gidget’s shoes, socks, panties and such are held nicely in two cute shorter decorated boxes we found at Homegoods for just a few dollars. We found black velvet and white leather bracelet displays on ebay for her necklaces and collars. And tiny necklace displays are great for having the ones I am using at present handy. Her traveling bags and such are tucked away behind her blankets on the bottom shelves. Perfume is on the top shelf with her necklaces. My hardest item to find was the hangers. I finally found them on Ebay. They are the ones used for the American Girl dolls. They are a bit costly, so I purchased them 50 at a time. I placed little tags on some of the hangers with cute sayings that I created on my computer, and used those cute little rubber shaped bracelets in different forms of animals and such on a few hangers for interest. Her myriad of blankets are on the bottom shelves.  Her darling jointed mini bear is perched front and center on one of the shelves

To finish her wardrobe, I found the cutest bird that just called to me at Michael’s and placed a pretty tapestry ribbon to hang him on the door knob of her amoire. I really had fun with this project, and I just love having all of Tiffany's  things together in one place now. It makes it so easy and I am just delighted every time I open her very own display closet!!!! I hope some of these ideas are helpful to you in your own storage situations for your furry friend.

I have done home decorating in the past and would be happy to help you create a imaginative environment for your "best friend".

Amoire Dimensions:  Height 74", Width 45", Depth 23"

PS This was written in 2011 .. our Gidget and my second late husband have passed away .. but Piper my little darling has inherited this awesome Wardrobe .. Of course we have added new items for her!!  LOL .. here is a photo of our Piper girl .. 

Pawfully yours,

Donsie's Dialogs 2011